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Best 12 Kid Friendly Things to do in Old Forge, NY


Old Forge, NY is a small village with a surprising amount of kid friendly things to do.  With a population of less than 1,000 you wouldn’t think there would be much of anything to do, but there are actually some really cool, and  fun kid friendly activities.  Surrounded by the jaw dropping Adirondack Mountains and lakes, this beautiful little hamlet is a great little vacation destination.  Check out the list below for the best 12 kid friendly things to do in Old Forge, NY.

Nutty Putty

Mini golf putter and ball
Image by eberhartmark from Pixabay

Nutty Putty is an old school mini golf course that is a small, but very fun and unique course.  The course is one of a kind.  Made mostly from wood, creating this course must have been a labor of love.  The holes are challenging, with moving obstacles and even a replica pin ball machine that you have to maneuver the golf ball through.  If you’re in the area, this putt putt course is a must see!

Enchanted Forest Water Safari

With more than 50 rides and attractions, Enchanted Forest Water Safari is New York’s best water theme park.  There’s a 207 foot long water speed slide that drops people through the floor and has a maximum thrill level, and a family tube ride that’ll make you think you’re in the Amazon, a lazy, relaxed tube ride that’ll have you floating under bridges and waterslides, and much, much more.  There’s something for every family member here and it’ll keep you busy all day.

If you’re not interested in getting soaked on the water rides, there’s plenty of other things to do while you’re here.  Check out the bumper cars and Ferris Wheel for some dry, kid friendly activities.  They also have a sky ride, so you can experience the park while soaring high above the crowds.

Calypso Cove Family Fun Park

Calypso Cove Family Fun Park is located right next to the Enchanted Forest Water Safari.  This is a fun family park where you can play mini golf, see who can drive the fastest with go-karts, soar through the air with a zipline, go rock climbing and win prizes with arcade games.  When you need a break from all the fun and games, they have pizza, wings and other food to fill your belly.

Moose River Farm

This Llama experience is highly rated and a fun way to fill up an afternoon.  At Moose River Farm you can meet all the farm animals and go on a Llama Trek.   Owned by writer and retired teacher Anne Phinney and her husband Rod, they welcome and educate anyone they can on their llamas, horses, donkeys, goats, geese and more!  As a guide on the Llama trek around the farm, they’ll entertain you while you hike around the farm with a llama that’s picked just for you.  They’re open year round which means you can trek around through the snow, hiking with your llama!  Reservations are a must and they fill up 2-4 weeks in advance, so plan ahead!

McCauley Mountain Ski Area

Groups of people riding a ski lift with a snowboarder going down the mountain
Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay

Just outside of Old Forge, hiding in the scenic Adirondack Mountains is McCauley Mountain Ski Area.  With kid friendly things to do throughout the year, McCauley Mountain Ski Area is a must see.  In the summer, McCauley Mountain is open to hiking and mountain biking.  It’s a mountain biking paradise with 15 miles of beautiful, expertly built trails.  From beginner trails to harder trails with jumps, you can pick from one of the 20 mountain biking trails to match you and your family’s skills.

In the summer they open up their ski lift so patrons can enjoy the breath taking views of the Adirondack Mountains and nearby lakes.  If you are able to bring a lunch with you while enjoying the mountain they have two parks to choose from to enjoy your picnic.

In the winter, McCauley Mountain boasts of skiing without the crazy high prices or long lines to get on the lift.  It has all the essentials that a big mountain ski area has, just without the crowds.  There’s over 20 slopes to choose from, from beginner all the way to the double-black diamond challenge.

Old Forge Library

If you’re in the area, but are looking for a more laid-back kid friendly activity, check out the local library!  The Old Forge Library has been around for over a hundred years and many area events take place right there.  There are kid friendly activities like art exhibits and toddler story time.

Strand Theater

Popcorn in red and white striped containers
Image by Devon Breen from Pixabay

The Strand Theater in Old Forge is a theater that could also be a museum.  There’s tons of old movie memorabilia on display that you can check out while you wait for the newest movie showing.  That’s right, you can get that old-time movie theater feeling while watching the latest Disney movie.  Plus, the movie tickets and concession prices are very affordable.

Another thing that makes this theater unique, is that they have other shows besides movies.  This past summer (2021) there was an illusionist that performed a few shows, and it was such a hit that they’ll be back to perform more shows this November.

View Center for Arts and Culture

The goal for View Center for Arts and Culture is to be an inspiration for artists local to the area and visitors just passing through.  It also has a community center, is able to hold conferences and can host other special events.  It has galleries that displays work done by local artists and it hosts classes for artists young and old, no matter their skill level.  The center holds children and family classes on pottery, glass, writing, and more.

Old Forge Public Beach

If you and your family are in Old Forge, NY during the summer months and the weather is beautiful, then check out the Old Forge Public Beach.  The kids will love playing in the water and you can get some relaxing time in the sun.  There are lifeguards on duty to help keep your kids safe, and there’s no admission fee.  There’s also a cool little pirate themed playground nearby.

Candy Cottage

The Candy Cottage knows candy!  If you’re looking for delicious fudge or caramel corn (their specialty), then you have to check out Candy Cottage.  They’ve been in the business for over 25 years and you can tell they’ve excelled at their craft.  They have the freshest selection of homemade candy that’ll take you back to your childhood.  You’ll be like a kid in a candy store again.  Plus, the prices are affordable, so you can take some candy back home with you.  Yum!

Benny’s Ice Cream

Scoops of Cherry and Vanilla ice cream in a clear glass bowl.
Image by 20308004 from Pixabay

Benny’s Ice Cream is your classic roadside ice cream shop.  It has everything that you and your family would want in a cool little ice cream shop.  The ice cream is delicious and affordable.  You can get your ice cream in a cone, dish or in a shake.  With plenty of outdoor seating, you’ll be able to enjoy your ice cream  while taking in the local scenery.

Adirondack Christmas on Main Street

If you happen to be in Old Forge, NY in late November, then you have to check out the things happening on Main Street.  Christmas comes alive here for two days.  With Adirondack Christmas on Main Street you’ll find scavenger hunts, coloring stations, kids crafts, horse drawn wagon rides, Christmas music, and much, much, more.  And of course, you can also get pictures of your kids with Santa and Mrs. Claus.  There are so many kid friendly things to do here that this is a must see if you’re in the area.


For a small little village, Old Forge, NY has TONS of family friendly, kid friendly things to do.  This is such a cool little town and if you’re in the Adirondack area this place is a must see.  It doesn’t matter if it’s summer, fall, winter, or spring, you’ll be able to find stuff to keep your kids interested and occupied.  Plus, there’s plenty of adult things to do to keep the parents happy to.  I hope you enjoyed this list of the best 12 kid friendly things to do in Old Forge, NY!